Hanoi Tours, Street Food, Cooking Classes, Culture & More

What is the best way to explore Hanoi? Our Hanoi city tours with skillful lady bikers who are passionate about Vietnam and will show you the REAL Hanoi. Coming to the Hanoi Scooter Tours which is knowns as the best female company leading tourism will show you the things you will never find on our own. Our master local guides will make your day become meomorable

Streetfood Tours & Cooking Classes in Hanoi


Our Amazing Hanoi Street Food Tour 

Is FOOD your main purpose of travel? If you’re fascinated by trying new food, you shouldn’t miss our Street Food Tour in Hanoi. We know the right places for street food which you can’t find without our local guides.

Check Out Our Amazing Hanoi Street Food Tour

The best restaurants are always hidden!

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Are You A Vegetarian?

Welcome to our vegan world! Vietnam is not only well known as non-vegan but also amazing vegan cusines here will bring you a special feeling in your travel. Hanoi Vegrtarian Food Tour will show you the best places for vegan lover to have a healthy meal!

You won’t be disappointed. Join us on our Vietnamese Vegetarian Food Tour.

We take you to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam.


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Take A Cooking Class in Hanoi

Are you passionate about cooking? Would you like to learn the best vietnamese dishes in your travel to cook at home?

Don't forget to joj us the vietnamese cooking class in Hanoi! We have vegetarian cooking class and non-vegetarian cooking class.

Spend the evening with a local Vietnamese family and learn how to cook world-famous Vietnamese dishes

You will learn how to cook dishes like Grilled Pork with Noodles, Fried Morning Glory with Garlic, Vietnamese Spring Roll and even brew some Lemon Tea.


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Sightseeing, Pottery & Culture Tours in Hanoi


See The Beautiful West Lake in Hanoi

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of a sunset over a lake and feel the refreshment of a tranquil atmosphere with our tour of the West Lake in Hanoi.

Coming to West lake, you will be greeted with a perfect view of the city center, a breathtaking sunset over the water and a refreshing, tranquil atmosphere.

Hanoi is not only just Old-Quater, join this tour you will see the different sides of Hanoi


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Learn Vietnamese Pottery

If you are looking for a fun activity, then the Bat Trang Pottery Village Touris just what you need to spend an entertaining afternoon.

On this tour, you will learn how to make traditional Vietnamese ceramic products. In addition, the way to Bat Trang, you will get to see a wonderful landscape while going across rice fields and the Long Bien Bridge.

An outide activities of Hanoi center promise bring you a lot of fun to see the different sides of crowded Hanoi! 




Hanoi By Night

Hanoi at night is really beautiful! Not just around the activities in Old-Quater, but other places have many local cultures you must see at night with our crew. Hanoi By Night Tour is a perfect combination to show you local food and sightseeing nightlife here. 

Go walking with our local guides to enjoy some shopping and talk about the stories of the Hanoi Night Market and Old Quarter.


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Learn About Buddhism in Hanoi

Vietnam is well knowns as buddist country. I Love Vietnam Tour is showing you this proud culture. Exploring the Buddhist culture in Hanoi is the best way to know how the Vietnamese people love this religion, especially in Hanoi city.

A day to explore the beauty of buddism of Vietnam in Hanoi! You can't miss this out!


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Photography Tour in Hanoi

Our Hanoi Photo Tour is a new experience from I Love Hanoi Tour for the tourists to explore many amazing landscapes to take wonderful photos in and around Hanoi.

We know all the best places to take pictures in Hanoi so let us guide you around this beautiful land to create many memories for your holiday.


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Feel The History of Hanoi

Every city in Vietnam has a different hisstory and that’s what makes this country special. Hanoi is capital of Vietnam! We are sure you don't wanna miss out to learn about the history journey of our Hanoi. We are proud of the beautiful process what make Vietnam today. 

Our wonderful history tour in Hanoi can't wait to help you learn our country deeply!


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Join the Community Tours in Hanoi By Scooters


Clean & Green Vietnam

If you’re a fan of sustainable tourism, our Green and Clean Tour is perfect for you.

Saving the enviroment is one of our missons in I Love Asia Tour. Our planet is getting popluted. Let's take action with us to protect human! Small actions come together we create a big change as we belive. 

On this tour, with the help of I Love Vietnam lady bikers, together you will go around the city to clean the streets, pick up the garbage in beautiful natural tourist sights, meet and bring gifts to the street sweepers.


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Hanoi Giving Back Tours

If you are a community lover, don't forget to take action to build a better world with us.

Our Lien's Foundation has been creating for the company to help more community. 

Joining Hanoi Giving Back Tours,  we have many projects for you can be with us:

- Food Giving Project to Hanoi Homeless

- Visiting and giving back to orphanages and social centers

- Scholarships to our students at university for a better education


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Why Us?

Joining in our motorbike tour, you can realize the quality of the trips is better than other companies in some respects. The first side to mention is the price of a motorbike tour’s less expensive than renting a car or calling a taxi. Besides, there’s no limitation on time while you’re traveling with our lady bikers.

If you want to stop by a souvenir shop to buy a gift, our lady bikers will make effort to help you decide which is the prettiest gift. Despite of distance destinations, you can spend significant hours to be real local citizens in Hanoi city.

Our company purpose is riding tourists to comfortable areas that have less tourists and many local people.


The Thoughtfulness of Our Lady Bikers


Our company’s ladies are not only riders but also helpers and friends who are always take care of their motorbike tour guests. Although the duty to concentrate on safety is very important, the ladies would also make effort to make you feel as home.

Receiving the care from these female riders, you shall have new friends during the journey. Together with humour learned from our boss, we hope laughing too much won’t damage your health. Otherwise, tourists not only receive explanation about history and fact about Hanoi city but also get to know more about daily customs, cuisines and personalities of Hanoi locals.

Visit us on facebook page to experience our friendliness from female riders and our lovely boss.

About Hanoi

Hanoi is the largest city in Vietnam with amazing traditional life style. Everything in this city’s slower than other ones. Traveling to Hanoi, tourists could enjoy the tasty local dishes.

Hanoi historical destinations are the must-visited places of Vietnam. Tourists can understand about the 1000 years of history since the establishment of the city. There are a lot of things in this city that you shouldn’t miss.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!